Certified Validation

Network installers have completed a new local area network segment. New cabling was installed to the appropriate work areas from the equipment closets. New switches and access points were installed, patched into the cabling plant and configured. How will the network perform? This newly installed network needs to be validated to prove the installation was done correctly, that the LAN will operate trouble-free, and that users will be satisfied with the performance.

Sunnet solutions will right help to show how LAN validation best practices result in less re-work, provide proof of a project successfully completed and helps clarify who is responsible for a reported network problem. Part of the best practices involves using the right tool for LAN validation and performance assessment, Sunnet solutions uses handheld Fluke EtherScope Network Assistant – to assist network installers with Ethernet performance measurement, installation configuration, LAN validation and troubleshooting. Measure end-to-end Ethernet performance at rates up to 1 Gbps. Use it to verify and edit infrastructure configurations, validate LAN services, service responsiveness, and link performance. Troubleshoot 10/100/Gigabit wired and 802.11 wireless LAN problems fast. More over Sunnet solutions is Fluke Certified LAN and Wireless Validator.